Tuya fan integration

Hello. I have a PO Eco fan that is TuyaSmart enabled. I am able to integrate the device in the TuyaSmart app, and see it on/control it from IFTTT and Alexa when I provide the credentials. But I am unable to see it in HA despite adding the configuration and doing force_update / pull_devices.

I don’t think the device is capable of being flashed (see attached), and to be honest, I don’t know what it means to flash the device, and on other threads I saw mention that controlling the device locally has some complexity, as the local key and device ID may change (and the IP address will too, as it’s DHCP-assigned).


I have seen in other threads that not all devices are supported, but the fact that it is seen and works with IFTTT and Alexa makes me think it ought to work here. (Note that the objective is not to use it via IFTTT with Home Assistant, as I would like to have the status information shown and not suffer an additional layer of latency.)

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Did you manage to solve this issue? I’m contemplating getting one of these fans and using the Tuya integration, but now this makes me a bit worried.

Bumping this up. I am also trying to integrate the same ceiling fan/light. Managed to connect to homeassitant, but couldn’t get the fan to be controlled via HA.

Same issue here. I can control the light but not the fan.