Tuya Fan workaround

Hi all,

I have some skyfan’s that use the tuya integration to get them into home assistant. Basic settings on/off, forward/reverse, eco and sleep mode all seem to work as expected (within reason).

Fan speed on the other hand doesnt work.

Code	Type	Values
switch	Boolean	"{true,false}"
fan_speed_percent	Integer	{ "min": "1", "max": "5", "scale": "0", "step": "1" }
mode	Enum	{ "range": [ "nature", "sleep", "smart" ] }
fan_direction	Enum	{ "range": [ "forward", "reverse" ] }
countdown_set	Enum	{ "range": [ "cancel", "1h", "2h", "3h", "4h", "5h", "6h", "7h", "8h", "9h", "10h", "11h", "12h" ] }

You can see that the device uses ‘fan_speed_percent’ with a min of 1, max of 5 (fan has 5 speeds) in a step of 1. If I use the developer tools and set the fan speed percentage to a number between 1 & 5 it sets the fan speed accordingly.

Is there something I can do to translate this into the fan speed slider to be able to get easy full range use of the fan slider and the 5 speeds?