Tuya integration - Devices not working


I am using the Tuya integration that comes with HA. Most tuya devices work but some do not.

I have a RGB-W corner light that i can switch on or off from HA. But i can not change brightness or change color. If i use the color picker (by hand) in HA it does nothing.

I also have two wall switches. They show up in the tuya integration but are listed as unsupported. I can not use them in any automation.

And that’s bad. One could say only 2 devices are not usable but i wanted to move all the automations from the official tuya app to HA. The wall switches are used in a complicated home alarm setup with many different automations. Now i cannot move them to HA. And now the automations of tuya and HA intertwine.

Does someone have a solution or quick fix? I also read about local tuya but i need the tuya hub for the zigbee (i have no zigbee on the raspberry pi). Not sure if local tuya still uses the zigbee hub. And not sure if local tuya solves the problem. Maybe there are quicker fixes?