Tuya LSC Rotatable WiFi camera

I’ve just bought LSC Smart Connect rotatable WiFi camera. I’ve managed to add it to Home Assistant using Tuya integration. I can see the video feed in my UI. After scanning the network, this camera only exposes 6668 IRC port. Is there a way to make it work with HomeKit using HomeKit HASS bridge? When adding the camera using this integration I don’t see it in my iOS Home app (other devices exposed to Home via this integration works without a problem).

Issue resolved, needed to create manual config in configuration.yaml file. Then addeed new bridge via iOS app with provided by HA QR code.

      - camera.lsc_ptz_camera
      support_audio: true
      max_fps: 30
      max_width: 1280
      max_height: 720

Hi @slvrk, can you control the pan and tilt from Home Assistant? What about the audio feed?

I can hear the audio. Speaking through the mic and controlling the movement doesn’t work tho. I was trying to fix it somehow but with no success.