Tuya shades reporting incorrect state

I have a few Zemismart roller shade motors installed, which all sorta work in HA with the Tuya integration.
Up/down/stop is working fine, but the motors are always reporting state “Open” and the current_position attribute is either 100 or 0.

Because of this, any feature in HA relying on the current state and position of the roller shades doesn’t work; I call up/down/stop manually as needed.

Google does not have a clear answer as to whether this is what can currently be expected of these motors, but since the Tuya app correctly has the states and the percent_control call is working from the Tuya IoT development platform, I suspect something is off with my integration set up.

I have tried resubscribing to various service APIs as suggested here, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Can anyone shed some light whether hunting for this “bug” is a lost cause or not?

I had to enable the reverse motor settings on several of my tuya shades and curtains to get them in synch with HA.

On hubitat, there was a button that would just reverse how the hub views it but the only way I’ve overcome it in HA and got ALL of my tuya covers talking correctly was by following the reverse motor instructions on some of the devices.