Tuya Smart Zigbee Power Meter ATMS1603 shows incorrect values


I added a Tuya Smart Zigbee power meter (https://aliexpress.com/item/1005004762773681.html) using ZHA, and while it is discovered without any problem, it just shows incorrect data:

What’s wrong:

  • HA shows that the device has “switch” capability, but the device has no switch.
  • Probably all values shown are incorrect except the voltage. The only other attribute that is maybe correct is the 7W power consumption, but all other values are definitely wrong.
  • The device does in fact not have a thermometer.

Is here any way to correct that?

Same for me…

there is NO WAY you should have “Active Power” of 7W with 69A at 230V ac (that is +/- 15.8KW) not bad for residential (which is often capped at 32A only :D)
But ZHA is reading that value from the device, so I do think that the values are miss configured (should be divided by 1000) within the firmware.

Also temperature is obviously wrong… 59.3 C is probably in °F in the firmware but read by ZHA as Celsius…
note also that this device as no quirk

ex on a plug that is the “same kind (TS011F_TZ3000)”:

On that device I got configuration values that aren’t set here.

This meter device
ac_current_divisor: [None]
ac_current_multiplier: [None]
ac_power_divisor: [None]
ac_power_multiplier: [None]

My "other and working device"

So this can explain a LOT… you should so “use” 0.0069A. (around 15W) which is more realistic.
BUT this 15W is not in phase with the ~7W “active power” measured by the device.

If this 7W are correct then the right “ac_current_divisor” should be set at 2000,
if the 15W are correct then the “ac_current_divisor” should be set at 1000 and the “ac_power_multiplier” should be set at 2.

Device support request opened: [Device Support Request] Tuya Smart Zigbee Power Meter ATMS1603 TS011F _TZ3000_9ni6xxld · Issue #2364 · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub

Thanks, awesome. I’ll add some info there, too.