Tuya switch not showing up on energy dashbaorde

i have 2 sensors not showing up in energy dashboard waited a week and also did restart. Is there anything i need to do then adding new power meter stuff ?

same for the shelly one

i searched and in most posts it was just wait a bit … but i waited long enough now - any way to get them in the energy dashboard ?


They seem to have the correct unit, check their state_class (total_increasing) and device_class (energy) values

not all that familar but i guess you mean this:

or is there a better gui to find these values and maybe change it ? but where exactly?

Your device have state class of measurement and is measuring in W (Watt).
You need a device with a state class of total_increasing or energy and it should be measuring in Wh (Watt per hour).

This page will help you solve it.

Not many examples there to really see the problem

so it does have both and this one looks ok then i guess ?

state_class: total_increasing
child_lock: UNLOCK
current: 0
  applicationVersion: 77
  dateCode: ''
  friendlyName: switch08
  hardwareVersion: 1
  ieeeAddr: '0xa4c138eec467b56a'
  manufacturerID: 4417
  manufacturerName: _TZ3000_gjnozsaz
  model: TS011F_plug_1
  networkAddress: 32554
  powerSource: Mains (single phase)
  stackVersion: 0
  type: Router
  zclVersion: 3
energy: 2.76
indicator_mode: on/off
linkquality: 160
power: 0
power_outage_memory: restore
  installed_version: -1
  latest_version: -1
  state: null
update_available: null
voltage: 243
unit_of_measurement: kWh
device_class: energy
friendly_name: switch08 Energy

Yes; that one looks good.
You should be able to find that one, but remember to look for the entity name.

But in never starts to show up here

and its online since a few days

Have you added it in the Settings → Dashboard → Energy?

oohh damm i dont know how often i clicked there maybe , because of the “OPEN” at the right i always clicked there.

Its not very intuitive … dammit that was that i was looking for and just couldnt find .-)