Tuya Wifi Siren (category 'qt')

Tuya Wifi Sirens with a device category of qt are unsupported by the Tuya Integration and not listed on the supported categories page.

The siren itself connects via wifi, but the sensors (door, motion, fob) use RF433Mhz. The siren and sensors are available in the Tuya app.

    "is_built_in": true
  "data": {
    "endpoint": "https://openapi.tuyaeu.com",
    "auth_type": 0,
    "country_code": "44",
    "app_type": "tuyaSmart",
    "mqtt_connected": true,
    "disabled_by": null,
    "disabled_polling": false,
    "name": "Home Siren ",
    "model": "",
    "category": "qt",
    "product_id": "rtbaqdh2io1pmn19",
    "product_name": "Smart Siren",
    "online": true,
    "sub": false,
    "time_zone": "+00:00",
    "active_time": "2022-02-03T20:56:03+00:00",
    "create_time": "2022-02-03T20:56:03+00:00",
    "update_time": "2022-02-03T20:56:27+00:00",
    "function": {},
    "status_range": {},
    "status": {},
    "home_assistant": {
      "name": "Home Siren ",
      "name_by_user": null,
      "disabled": false,
      "disabled_by": null,
      "entities": []

Thank you.

qt products are legacy and not supported by the Tuya API.

There is no way Home Assistant can implement support for those.

    "function": {},
    "status_range": {},
    "status": {},

This is from your dump above and are the functions and statuses Tuya exposes in their API for your device, as you can see: No data at all.

The only thing you can do is contact Tuya directly in your Tuya IoT cloud account (by submitting a support ticket) and hope they can somewhat adjust/standardize the device. In general, you are out of luck.



i have successfully got “qt” category device working using localtuya

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