Tuya/Zemismart curtain motor local zwave control help

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I recently bought a Tuya(Zemismart) curtain motor with a zwave dongle. HA was able to add the zwave node but I can’t figure out how to control it. The Tuya integration seems to be dependent on the Tuya app which I’m trying to avoid using. I’m also trying to avoid using Smartthings if possible. Does anyone know or have any documents on how I can control the curtain motor locally via zwave? I’m also open to adding zigbee into my local network if zwave is not an option.

Thanks in advance!

HA on rasberry pi 4 docker. version 0.113.1
Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 USB Stick ZST10.
Zemismart curtain motor https://www.zemismart.com/products/zemismart-smartthings-control-z-wave-motorize-curtain-with-track-customized-smart-curtains


Please post the XML portion from zwcfg_xxxxxx.xml for this node (node 54) so we can see what it’s being reported as for better troubleshooting.

Please enclose your XML post with 3 ` characters.

This is of interest to me. I do plan on buying this curtain system.

update: I restarted the zwave network and it works now. you have to restart the zwave network after the zwave node is fully online.