Tuya Zigbee Hardware

Hey dudes :slight_smile: Been using HA for about 2 weeks and previously just using Smart Life.

I live in a truck and caravan (both aluminium) which I am slowly converting to solar/battery/inverter powered so my goal is to automate as much as possible to keep power use down (and also the enjoyment of brain workouts sorting things out). I use a mesh wifi in each vehicle connected by ethernet cable because with the doors closed no signal gets in or out (or at best a minimal signal). Because of very little money (which is never going to change) I have bought only Tuya WIFI devices. I do want to stick with Tuya (because they are so cheap) but want to move to zigbee. I would like to go with zwave but they are way too expensive.

The zigbee choice is starting to make my brain hurt :slight_smile: because there are so many different opinions out there. Before I start buying Tuya zigbee devices I need to know what coordinator to get and then what system to use with it in HA. So basically my question is this, what coordinator stick do I get that best works with tuya zigbee devices and then what system to connect to in HA eg zha, Z2MQTT.

I am leaning towards the Sonoff stick ( because is is cheapest :slight_smile: )

Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I have used Nortek and just switched to sonoff which came highly recommended.

I switched due to inability to upgrade firmware and suspected instability over 60 devices.

I’ve been pleased with the sonoff. I have tuya curtains and shades and a ton of sensors.

I have a conbee but I never opened it because people told me to go with the sonoff.

Thank you dude :slight_smile: I decided to go with the sonoff P dongle (because of the relative cheapness) but the expected delivery date is 24th november so it will be a while before I can see if I made the right choice.

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