TuYa Zigbee with energy monitoring shows 'null' in Energy statement

I got the following smart plug:

It is US version, however Zigbee2Mqtt detects its as EU version:

The problem is that it does not show consumed energy in kwh. When I went to Energy dashboard it shows following - Entity has non-numeric state:

This is what the State tab shows:

    "child_lock": "UNLOCK",
    "current": 0,
    "indicator_mode": "off/on",
    "last_seen": "2022-10-07T20:59:56-07:00",
    "linkquality": 58,
    "power": 0,
    "power_outage_memory": "restore",
    "state": "OFF",
    "voltage": 118,
    "device": {
        "applicationVersion": 160,
        "dateCode": "20210625",
        "friendlyName": "TuYa Smart Plug - Master Bedroom",
        "hardwareVersion": 3,
        "ieeeAddr": "0x70b3d52b6000f48e",
        "manufacturerID": 4660,
        "manufacturerName": "_TZ3000_okaz9tjs",
        "model": "TS011F_plug_3",
        "networkAddress": 55625,
        "powerSource": "Mains (single phase)",
        "softwareBuildID": "20B+TZSKT11BS105",
        "stackVersion": 1,
        "type": "Router",
        "zclVersion": 2
    "energy": null,
    "update": {
        "state": null
    "update_available": null

I tried to reset energy according to this page but it did nothing.

Ideas how to fix?

Were you ever able to resolve? I’m having the same issue.


Nope. Had to create a new sensor and manually calculate kwh.

Could you share the sensor you created? I have the same issue