Two channel zigbee relay with power monitoring and momentary function

What the options for it? I have LLKZMK11LM and it works except momentary, where its not reliable, it need specific duration of swithc otherwise it will just blink light or dont do anything.

Why not automate the momentary action?

  - platform: state
    entity_id: switch.your_switch
    to: "on"
    for: 2 # or as many seconds as you want, this can also be a template for adjustability 
  - service: switch.turn_off
      entity_id: switch.your_switch

Hm, how its supposed to work? E.g. LLKZMK11LM have its own momentary action which is cant be disabled, so it will interfere with this automation. Sometimes own relay switch will be triggered sometimes not.

Oh. I did not know that. Sorry.

EDIT: just did a search for the product. It is a two way relay with power monitoring. No mention of momentary action. Are you sure you have it wired correctly?

Yep, quite a few of relay works for momentary without explicitly have it as an option. See video for example for this one

I understand now. We have different meaning in momentary switch. You mean to turn on for x second and then go off automatically.
While what i need is that switch that should change its state when its pressed for time e.g. to be working with button/self returning type of switch. E.g. you push button - it toggle relay state. And for that your automation totally not what i`m looking for even if there no momentary function in switch itself, it doesnt look like something you can automate at all if switch dont support it

I see. You want to be able to use momentary push buttons to activate the relays.

Do you need power monitoring?