Two different Aqara H1EUs appear to be unresponsive

Hello people! First post here and I am very new to all this so please be gentle :laughing:

I recently got 2x Aqara H1EUs no neutral, also known as Xiaomi WS-EUK01. I am running zigbee2mqtt and I made a simple test circuit with a bulb in order to test the switch. I pressed the button continuously for a few seconds and the device paired to my zigbee network without any issues. I then started testing the device and everything was going well. I also checked the ‘decouple’ expose, this decouples the front switch with the internal relay so they can be used for different functions. This is the reason I 've chosen these (expensive) switches.

After a couple of hours I started getting timeout errors at zigbee2mqtt. The switch became completely unresponsive from this time onwards. It was constantly ON and the front button would do nothing, not even reset the device. I tried deleting it from mqtt but I got another error so I force deleted it. I then tried to reset it again but the switch did nothing. I tried stopping zigbee2mqtt just to see if the switch would behave differently if it could not find the network but the behaviour was the same.

I thought that I somehow bricked the device despite the fact I wouldn’t see how. So I thought trying the second switch. Upon powering it up it seemed to behave normally but literally a few seconds later it had the exact same behaviour as the first switch. I didn’t even had the time to put zigbee2mqtt in discovery mode.

That may sound like a stupid question but is there a possibility that somehow zigbee2mqtt passed a troublesome configuration to the second switch even without pairing with it?

I really don’t get what’s happening. The only logical conclusion would be that somehow the device got unresponsive while being in ‘detached’ state and it now won’t reset because the front switch is detached but I find it hard to believe that they would design the thing in such a way.

I have two non-working switches right now that I cannot pair with my network that cost 80 eur. Your help would be much appreciated.

If anyone reads this and faces the same problem, I didn’t manage to find a solution.
I returned the switches and replaced them with an Aqara H1 remote and ZBMINI L combo.

Hi Thomas, welcome to the forum!

Sorry that nobody jumped in to help you.
From what I see, the devices you had seem to be supported by z2m without any issue.

So you swapped the Aqara H1 EU for Aqara H1?
And do you use the ZBMINI L in combination with the H1?!

Hello Nick!

What the issue exactly was, still remains a mystery but I don’t think it was a Z2M issue. What I also do know is that I am not the only one as I’ve seen it reported a couple of times and sadly no one found an answer.

Yes I am using two different devices now an Aqara H1 remote and behind it a ZBMINI L. This is essentially a smart light switch that makes sure that electricity always flows to the bulb. The ZBMINI shuts off the electricity if needed and the H1 toggles the lights.

It seems I’m missing something but my curiosity is taking control over me and I can’t find an answer.

  • The ZBMINI shuts off the electricity → lights OFF
  • The Aqara H1 toggles the lights → lights OFF

Seperately they both are controllable with HA and turn the lights ON or OFF.
Why the combination of both?

Sorry for not making myself clear enough.

The lights will be usually controlled by the AQARA H1 remote. The ZBINI will be there in the rare cases that electricity to the lights needs to shut off, for example on an extended leave or to reset the lights.

The Aqara H1 remote, is a battery operated remote switch, it does not have a relay and it cannot control electricity. Therefore the ZBMINI shuts the lights off by cutting electricity and the H1 remote shuts off the lights by setting the brightness to zero. In the latter case electricity still flows to the lights, and this is important because these act as zigbee routers and need to be online.

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Owkay, so the difference between the EU and non-EU version doesn’t seem to be the cabling system! :crazy_face:
I wrongly watched an installation video for the EU version and saw the cables, therefor my confusion.

Thanks for explaining Thomas!