Two Grow Fingerprint sensors

Hi guys,

I’m new in YAML. I want to use two Grow Fingerprint sensors on my ESP32.
Please, how can I declare two? If I try to do it like a list, it shows Error by the “on_finger_scan…”.

Thank you for every help/comment.

The id has to be unique for each instance. You can’t reuse id names.

You mean the row 21 - id: fingerprint_in and row 25 - id: fingerprint_out?
These are not same.

I see, you have the 2 id’s on the same sensing pin. Did you try different sensing pins for each reader?

Yes, I tried with GPIO32 now. But the error not about the sensing pin.
I’m new by YAML and I don’t know how to make two instance of the component.
Can I just make it as list with character ’ - ’ before the id?

It depends on how the integration was written. It may very well only support a single reader. You could file a feature request/bug report on github.

Ok, I made a request to update. fingerprint_grow multiple instances · Issue #1522 · esphome/feature-requests · GitHub
If somebody knows how to make two instances of the “fingerprint_grow” conponent, please let me know :wink: