Two Huawei Sun2000 10ktl in cascade

Hi there,

I hope someone can help me. Yesterday I started my home assistant project by integrating my Huawei PV system. I am using the smart dongle Modbus TCIp activated two inverters Sun2000 10ktl m1 the Samar meter and one 15 kWh battery. The implementation works but I do not see the inverter 2 which is in cascade to inverter 1 (with the smart dongle) in can see the smart meter as well as the battery (connected to inverter 1. The modbus adress of inverter 1 is 1, the adress of inverter 2 is 2 the smart meter adress is 11

Thank you in advance

Br Fritz

i have same problem .did you find solution to see inverter 2 in home assistant ? thanks