Two instances of Home Assistant connected each other (two different houses)

Hi everyone,
I’m planning to install home assistant in my second house. I’ve already an instance of HA in my main house, but I want to control from each house the two instances, so in the main house I can control the main and also the second one, and viceversa. I need to control all the devices (lights, blinds, thermostat, alarm, cameras) and also know its states, but each instance has their own automation. My main house has a Public Static IP and a reverse proxy server (for local and also remote control), meanwhile in the second house I’m planning to have a Dynamic Public IP, and also a reverse proxy server with DDNS. Now I’ve a FRITZ!Box 7590 in the main house which can establish VPN with another FRITZ!Box. Is it better to use the VPN way or use the cloud way with the Remote Home Assistant Integration?

P.S.: se c’è qualche italiano che risponderà al topic, mettiamo sotto la traduzione del messaggio per i nostri amici stranieri :wink:

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