Two power sources

I have electricity in my home with two different tarrifs. Peak and off peak with higher cost and lower.

I would like to have connected my air conditioner to lower tarrif but it is different outlet which is powered for 20 hours and 4 hours is off. For this 4 hours I want to have powered AC from higher tarrif outlet so I need to have something like two power sources switcher. Lower cost tarrif outlet will be main power source and higher cost tarrif something like backup power source but I don’t know if is possible to do that.

Do anybody know about some solution?

something like this would do the job…

Are you sure you need to connect it to a special outlet to make use of the lower tariff?
Here in the Czech Republic, it’s usually like this: you have one digital electricity meter which keeps track of electricity consumed in the individual tariffs. When the lower tariff is active, all of your consumption is billed with this lower tariff. You don’t need to plug your appliances to a different outlet to make use of it.
You can however have an outlet that is only switched on when the lower tariff is active. I believe this is what you have.

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I’m from Slovakia and we have it exactly like you describe it with last sentence.

We don’t have gas or steam radiators so only electric boiler and electric oil heaters and for this purposes we have extra dedicated outlets in each room. These outlets are switched on only when lower tarrif is active like you wrote.

Moreover it’s turning on during whole day (Turn on is bold and turn off regular)


So you don’t need to switch anything, right? Just leave the A/C connected to a normal outlet.
See HDO – Wikipedie

@ondras12345 Hello Ondra, Im living in Czech Republic too, I would like to ask if you know/use or recommend a power meter. Same as you, I have double tariff, but now I would like to “read” the consumption and process somehow in HA, I found the ONEMETER, do you have some recomendation? thank you!

Sorry, I don’t currently have an energy monitoring system.