Two Tasmota Switches Dead in one month Same Location

Hello all, my first post here and wanted to ask if anyone has any thoughts on this issue.

So I had a Tuya switch installed for about 2 years without issue, then found out about Tasmota and converted this switch among a few others in my home.

The old switch died about 2 weeks after switching to Tasmota, didn’t really blame it on Tasmota just though the switch died. But then today the same thing happened with a new switch I had just installed, about 3 weeks ago.

By ‘died’ both cases the relay failed to switch on button click. Could not get the device into pairing mode by holding the button.
Flipping breaker on the switch waiting a few minutes and flipping it back on would not fix this issue in both cases.

Thankfully I keep a few switches as spares so I just switched it out for another one.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

Both times wiring looked flawless on the switch install so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the switch wiring.

I have two other switches in-home running tasmota converted around the same time, 3-4 weeks ago without any issues.

Tasmota flashed using Tuya convert.
Running Tasmota 8.2.0 after OTA update.

It is displayed prominently on the tasmota website :