Two Z-Wave JS add-on instances?

I have a Zooz 700 series ZST10 stick that I have been running for a while with many devices.
I just purchased a Zooz 800 series ZST39 stick.
How can I add it to Home Assistant ? It appears I can only have one instance of the Z-Wave JS add-on, and I must select one stick or the other.
Note I’m not using MQTT or looking to do so at this time, so I don’t want to use ZWave JS UI.

So why would you run two sticks?

Migrate from the old to the new may be the better option?

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I second this uless you have a HUGE or physically separated network where repeaters don’t work… There’s rarely a good reason. Migrate the radio.

The 800 series is a new product with limited support, while the 700 series is better supported. This is why I want to run both sticks. I bought the 800 for the LR support because of range issues. I bought a couple ZEN76 800LR series also because the ZEN76 700 series had range problems.

What’s the process for migrating existing devices another stick ? I have 21 existing Z-Wave devices with 262 entities, so not really looking forward to adding them all and changing all the automations to use new entity names.

Use Z-Wave JS UI for your new stick. MQTT isn’t needed.

Do you realize that Z-Wave JS does not yet support Long Range? And your Zooz ZST10 700 also supports LR, for future use. The 800 chips probably have some improved range, but not using the LR functionality.

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As far, as I can find on google, direct migration is not possible now… Attempting to do so did brick the stick.

But still… Running two stick beside each other, I can’t find a valid reason. It’s asking for troubles. If not software glitches, then radio interference.

If it was me, I will wait a while, until there are clear instructions, how to migrate.

Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t realize that about Z-Wave JS. Does Z-Wave JS UI support long range ?

As far as the ZST10, here is what Silicon Labs says :

Z-Wave 700 family can be updated with firmware to support Z-Wave Long Range. However, only up to +14 dBm are supported for both the ZGM130S and EFR32ZG14, while according to FCC regulations, the maximum Tx power of Z-Wave Long Range can be +30 dBm for US.

So, not truly LR on the 700 series.

Z-Wave JS is the driver. Z-Wave JS UI is the application that uses the driver. LR would be implemented by the driver. So no, ZUI does not support it.

The feature is called “Long Range”, so yes the 700 series still supports it. The physical range will just be different.

Correct, there’s no migration supported yet in Z-Wave JS. 800 Series Z-Wave Controller Support Tracker · Issue #5257 · zwave-js/node-zwave-js · GitHub

There’s not really any issue running more than one stick. Plenty of users have run two controllers to slowly migrate. I did so myself when Z-Wave JS was added to HA. The only downside is your mesh might not be as strong, since there are fewer devices in a single network. I have other networks for testing, they don’t interfere at all. HA supports it without issue.


Brick the stick ? That’s unfortunate.

I ran into the following vexing problem with Z-wave JS add-on :

  1. clicked to select the 800 series stick in the config, and save
  2. restarted the add-on - it was showing only one node, the stick itself.
  3. clicked to select the 700 series stick in the config, and save
  4. restarted the add-on. It was showing all 21 nodes, but the device names and entity names had all been reset to default !

I’m in the process of doing a partial restore of the Z-Wave JS add-on from backup to fix this. It’s taking a while on my Pi 3B+. Hopefully I don’t have to do a full restore.

Thanks. I did not know Z-Wave JS UI used the Z-Wave JS driver.

As far as the LR issue, Zooz doesn’t advertise the LR support on the 700 series, probably because of the limited power.

I hope LR support gets added to Z-Wave JS soon.

Why would you do this?

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Told ya :stuck_out_tongue:

I, with my 3 years of experience with Zwave, would not even try to do thing like this, afraid of bricking it all. I would pay the flight ticket for @freshcoast and feed him with my fabulous dishes to do it for me…

This is not a beginners situation :wink:

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I wanted to see if the stick worked, for one thing. I thought perhaps the keys would allow the nodes to migrate to the new stick automatically. Obviously, that wasn’t the case. So, I reverted to the old stick. But then device names/entity data was lost, messing up my automations and dashboards. I wish the data had persisted across stick change.

The integration is tied to a specific Z-Wave network ID. I suppose by switching the network, it caused it to throw away the previous data. I’m not sure if that should persist the old data or not, but I’m not surprised something bad happened as that is not an expected action to take.

If you want to test your 800 stick, just use Z-Wave JS UI.

Well, now you created a nice reason to do a clean start with the new stick :wink:

“Every disadvantage has an advantage” ( Johan Cruyff ) :wink:

Thanks. It could have saved the data associated with the network ID. That would facilitate things when switching stick. Of course, ideally there should be some proper migration path, but I don’t know if Z-wave technically allows for this.

If you are switching sticks, then the network changes and so do all the devices. So it makes sense that the devices were removed.

If you do a proper migration with the same network, there is no problem.

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Well, I don’t see it that way, I don’t have time to repair all devices and redo my dashboards and automations today.
The partial restore didn’t work. It didn’t restore the Z-Wave device/entity names.
So I’m doing a full restore now, from last night’s backup.