Tydom2mqtt addon :) - Delta Dore Tydom to MQTT Broker


can you use this?

It’s for Jeedom. Follow instructions in my github for covers, in a future update i made a systemd service for it, just testing for a few days now…

But you will need a ubuntu / debian host and hassio.

awesome news ! i tried to reverse-engenering the tydom last year.
Is it possible to make it installable by HACS ?

Don’t know how to :slight_smile:, and i will be very busy this year, will publish my updating system soon, it’s really really stable thanks to systemd management now, it’s been a week without a reboot with no issue at all.

Updated, check on github :slight_smile:

ok thanks you.
it’s really hassio centric, not really usable with hass core in a container.
i will check how to fix that.

It’s MQTT centric !

I will update the readme i think i know why you said that :wink:

You should be able to use it as long as you have a mqtt broker, i can use it on my Windows PC (not in service of course) on a distant network !

Please tell me where is the issue :wink:

Humm ok,
Your package is a MQTT service that start an MQTT server, connect to the tydom and publish deltadore product information on the “tydom” topic.

Am I right ? If yes, a docker container could be an great Idea

If I’m right how to connect and subscribe to the MQTT server (broker ?)
I’m not an hassio so no add-on :slight_smile:

You got it right ! Just need a MQTT broker and to add said broker in Home assistant integrations !

  • it’s home assistant friendly, with auto discovery payload it will create Entities automatically !
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i have

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'mqtt_client'

but after installing mqtt-client ( v 1.3.0) i have "
not import name 'MQTT_Hassio' from 'mqtt_client' (/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/mqtt_client/__init__.py)

any idea ?

Are you sure you have all files from github in the same folder ?

No need fot mqtt-client package (just the mqtt_client.py in the same folder)

requests websockets gmqtt are the only pip packages needed !

I’ve added precisions to the readme if it can help

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it’s my fault :slight_smile:

i’m trying to create home assistant custom_component.
the context is not the same, i need to load the mqtt_client from the local file and not for the internet.

But beware : mqtt_client.py and mqtt-client from the internet are different :slight_smile:

plugin ready :slight_smile:

2020-02-14 16:42:41 DEBUG (SyncWorker_17) [gmqtt.client] [Some msg need to resend] processing message
2020-02-14 16:42:41 DEBUG (SyncWorker_17) [gmqtt.mqtt.handler] [CMD 0x40] b'\x00\x01'
2020-02-14 16:42:41 INFO (SyncWorker_17) [gmqtt.mqtt.handler] [RECEIVED PUBACK FOR] 1
2020-02-14 16:42:41 DEBUG (SyncWorker_17) [gmqtt.mqtt.utils] FREE MID: 1
2020-02-14 16:42:41 DEBUG (SyncWorker_17) [gmqtt.client] [REMOVE MESSAGE] 1
2020-02-14 16:42:41 DEBUG (SyncWorker_17) [gmqtt.client] [Some msg need to resend] processing message

i add mqtt plateform, but i don’t know if everything works ^^

Can you please poste home assistant mqtt configuration.
things seems works :

ngrep output : -> [AP] #79

but nothing in home assistant

In main.py :

Put your MQTT user access (create a mqtt only user in home assistant if you want)

if (local == True):

    mqtt_host = "localhost" #Or any local adress

    mqtt_port = 1883

    mqtt_ssl = False


    # host = remote_adress

    mqtt_host = 'xxxx.duckdns.org' #If you have a remote access localhost if not

    mqtt_port = 8883

    mqtt_ssl = True

If you are using MQTT addon, you don’t have to modify the conifg, it will use any user in home assistant !

I already change it to put data in a mosquito broker.
Why how to connect the mosquito to hass ?
It’s seems not working isn’t ?