Tydom2mqtt - Delta Dore Custom Component - WIP

updated github for now : https://github.com/WiwiWillou/tydom2mqtt

Link a Delta Dore’s Tydom hub to a mqtt broker, working flawlessly here for days with the help of systemd’s restarting mechanism. The script works in background, with remote mode by default (see todo), and rollback in local mode if necessary (offline mode). Disconnections from both servers are handled with automatic reconnections.

Not based on a poll mechanism but on push from websocket, i.e. it constantly pings the tydom hub to keep alive the connection and receive updates instantly.

Home assistant users : Use MQTT auto discovery, no further config necessary ! (Hassio docker install + MQTT addon on top of Ubuntu server is my personal setup.) For other home automation systems you just add devices like any MQTT devices, check on the cover and alarm py files to see or modify the topics !

Based on https://github.com/cth35/tydom_python

Recommanded setup : any Linux OS with systemd management and python3.7

Needed packages : “pip3 install websockets requests gmqtt”

  • Add your credentials to main.py
  • Put all the *.py files in a folder of your choice (Hassio users : by default i’ve put them in the share folder of hassio for backup purposes “/usr/share/hassio/share/tydom/”)
  • Put the tydom.service file in the folder of your choice (/usr/lib/systemd/system/ if you don’t know where)
  • Change the path if the main.py file in tydom.service
  • with commandline, do “systemctl enable tydom.service”
  • with commandline, do “systemctl start tydom.service”
  • with commandline, check “systemctl status tydom.service” or with journalctl.

Alarm is readonly for now, (i’ve soldered a remote to optocouplers and an ESP8266 with esphome to set it from home assisant, a least it’s very reliable !).

i don’t have climate or lights to test, feel free to help !

TODO (but i’ve got no more time…) :

  • Fix that annoying code 1006 systematic deconnection after 60s when using local mode (new since december, not before).
  • HACS / Docker versions
  • Fork it to a proper Home Assistant integration with clean onboarding
  • Add climate, lights, etc.
  • Build a web frontend to see and test (use frontail for now)
  • Add a folder of images to document where to solder on alarm remote and ESPHome configuration.
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I’m working on it, see here https://pastebin.com/xy9R2RGk and on the tydom_python github, i’ve opened an issue to ask for a PR (yeah i’m a paramedic, not a programmer, still processing things).

We are close to have a tydom2mqtt client :slight_smile:

Check here : Tydom2mqtt - Make Delta Dore devices home assistant compatible ! =}

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Hi @WiwiWillou, thank you for your work ! I follow the post on Jeedom and I’m happy to see that you work on hass fork. I haven’t tydom for now but I will have it in 2020 with my house delivery.

I will deliver a new Custom Componet for Tydom / Delta Dore Climate next week.

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Wow thanks you !! I made a lot of improvements with tydom2mqtt, will publish very soon on GitHub, but it has still flaws…
I’m really eager to see your work !
So happy !!

Do you have a GitHub ? I’m curious about how to custom component it :wink:

I will publish next week in github and I’ll share the link on this post.

Right now, the component is limited to:

  • Read thermostat temperature.
  • Set Temperature
  • On / Off
  • Preset : Away / Boost Mode / Eco Mode / Standard Mode

I will let u know as soon as I publish it

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Published all my work here, if it can help, i can test for covers and alarm here :

@WiwiWillou look like a great job, thanks for this work. I tried to make it work but as a noob i keep failing. M’y home assistant is installed on a raspberry pi 3 as recommanded on thé getting started page ans i dont know how to do your prep or ton launch tour script properly. Need help !!

You need to download every .py on a server (I use Debian on a pi and hassio on docker, so script is working on Debian base).

But it’s still a WIP, for the moment I use a sh script to python3 main.py & from ssh…

Check that function to see parsing structure for alarm and covers in tydom data.

Install raspbian, install docker, do hassio docker install, install and set MQTT addon, put all files from github in your home directory for example, then sh tydom_restarter.sh, set a cron task to launch script at startup, and forget :stuck_out_tongue:

Just announcing the git repository for Delta Dore Climate.

Current Features:

  • Read thermostat temperature.
  • Set Temperature
  • On / Off
  • Preset : Away / Boost Mode / Eco Mode / Standard Mode
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Thanks that’s great !

If you change things with tydom app, you got an update instantly in home assistant ?

I don’t understand how the connection is maintained after a quick reading, but I haven’t got the part with components in Hass for now :wink:

Based on your code that get all data type, I guess we just need to integrate classes for cover and alarm here ? (alarm is read-only)

Yes. That will occur. At least I hope :wink:

Need to drill down and understand better, but asume that is something like that.

Nice !! Can’t wait to have covers integrated. I only have covers set up in my tydom.


Sorry for my bad english. I’m french and i use google translate.

Can you add shutter management? It is possible with jeedom.

Thank you

Sorry @Heracles44, don’t have any “shutter” to test it. :frowning:

Covers and alarm are managed by my script :slight_smile: But i don’t have climate yet ! And it’s still WIP (i have to relaunch manually the script every 4 days…