TZ3000_gjnozsaz Deconz power reading

Hi all, As far as I could search, there was no topic covering the following topic:

I recently bought a Aliexpress power plug with power reading (Shows as TZ3000_gjnozsaz).
And as far as what I could found on the forum, it is not possible to (easy) read the power consumption.
Today I was checking the DeConz interface and I actually found the current power reading!. See the screenshot. reading
Is there anyone how could help me show this reading in HA?
Thanks for your help!

You need to create a DDF file that describes the device with this new property, ask in the Phoscon forum for support on how to do this.

Thanks for your reply! I’ll figure out how to get this DDF file and aks the Phoscon forum. I’ll post my progress here for other with similar changes.

According to the Phoscon forum, the DDF was included in deconz in July. With this reference:

Still I don’t have a clue how to get this to work in HA. Anyone who can give me a hint? (or better a step by step instruction :stuck_out_tongue: )


I moved deconz away from ha to an own raspi. There i installed the latest beta repo an the tzs are delivering power reading out og the box

So that basically would mean, that as soon as the Deconz version in HA will be upgraded, the powermeter will work? That will be amazing news. Then I can start working on power based scripts.

Hello mate! were you able to make it work? I am in the same situation?
how do you integrate the ddf file?

You may find helpful following video (use subtitles) for this model of plug.