Ubunto with Pihole installed already -> Can I also install HA on the same machine?

Hey Guys!

Considering making the jump into the realm of HA coming from the Vera world. I used to think I liked Vera a lot for many years. However, eventually, I realized I didn’t have any hair left on my head. So many I should switch to something healthier where I control the resources available to the hub.

That being said, I already have a mini PC with Linux installed (Ubuntu). It runs on the network with PiHole installed. Would it be possible to also install HA on it like any other package/app?

Or would there be a conflict within the installed web environment (I think lighttpd), or a conflict in ports, etc etc?

The only 2 supported ways to install HA on Ubuntu are :
1/ HA in docker
2/ HA in a venv

A supervised install of HA is possible, but not supported, and while it may work now, it might not in the future.

Thanks. I’ve had a lot to learn about tonight but somehow I managed to get HA installed and working without hitting any big red switches or anything. I am almost 100% of the way sold by everything excite for the lack of Alexa/Google support without having to subscribe to something. I might still adventure down this rabbit hole as a method to bridge HA with whatever I do ultimately replace Vera with. :slight_smile:

You don’t have to subscribe to anything to get Alexa/Google working. It is just easier to subscribe to nabu casa.

Yes, I know. It’s a matter of convenience and experience. Never had to install an SSL on a local anything before. Wouldn’t have made it this far with Docker and HA if there wasn’t a bunch of copy and paste instructions lol. I’m a nerd but not nerd enough for (deep) Linux just yet.

Meanwhile, options like Vera, SmartThings, and others, are like “here, click here…done…Alexa/Google can now see everything” (without paying monthly for it).

So part inexperience, part overwhelmed leading to the lazy voice in my ear saying “aww, come on man, walk away…you have so many projects going on right now, do you REALLY need this?” :slight_smile:

Update: I think I decided that I will build the main bulk of the system in SmartThings. Then connect this to ST and use it for anything ST doesn’t support (likely more scene-wise than anything). That should hopefully lead to the best of both worlds.