Ubuntu Desktop and web videos not playing

I have an Intel NUC I am using as a web browser and home entertainment unit running Ubuntu Desktop 20.04LTS. On this NUC I have decided to install Home Assistant. Home Assistant installs and works well. However, now when I try to watch YouTube or other streaming video sites the players appear to load but will not actually play the videos. Clicking along the time line will update the still shot, but still not activate playing.

I thought it was something I did wrong, but I have now tried several times a complete fresh install with only Home Assistant. At each step of the installation trying to play a YouTube video. The video plays each time until I complete the Home Assistant install step. At this point no web videos will play.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any solutions. At this point I am not looking at purchasing another computer just to run Home Assistant.

although not the solution I was looking for, I installed VirtualBox with Ubuntu Server and Home Assistant in the VM. Set the VM to autostart on boot. This kept it seperate from the “entertainment” server thus not affect playing videos via the web