Ubuntu OS with VirtualBox OR Proxmox

Hi Everyone,

I have been running HA core in a Python venv (Fedora distro) since years because I really like to be able interact with the console, schedule things in the crontab, write shell scripts and etc.

Each time more things are getting complex (esphome, matter, etc etc) and I feel I need to change.

I just tried Docker in Ubuntu OS but nah - didn’t like.

I am thinking about

(A) Ubuntu with VirtualBox and HA OS
(B) Proxmox + HA OS

Which one will be easier to update HA in the future and easy to install Add-ons and etc?

Less headaches?

Thank you very much

The best is Proxmox with HAOS. However you can also use your favourite distro with HAOS by running HAOS in a KVM, which is what you do when using Proxmox.

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more likely your asking for a VM environment of choice, technically you have 3 choices of HVs:

  • qemu (used by various softwares like unraid, proxmox, etc…)
  • virtualbox
  • esxi

just pick which one your most familiar with. if this is your first time using any hv, proxmox is your best bet, just install it using the iso for the “less headache” your looking for. if you want some extra head ache, you can install it on at the top of your preferred flavor of linux.

as for updating HA, its pretty easy to update it, you can even enable the auto update toggle so you dont have to worry about it anymore (for the addons) while updating the main component (core and supervisor) can be done with a single click.

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Proxmox with HAOS. Easy, well documented, open source.

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