UI About page version does not match hass --version?

Still new to using Home Assistant and discovered after upgrading recently that the hass --version command shows 0.50.2 but the UI About page is showing an older version 0.39.0. Is it possible that I did something wrong during installation or is there a simpler config explanation?

This is most likely due to the caching of your browser, I saw similar results with some card/layouts previously.
Try opening up the interface in a browser where you never had opened it before (or using Incognito mode in Chrome for example), or clear the browser cache. If it still shows the incorrect version, it might be something deeper

Thanks Tom, I did try that but did not make a difference. However, just to be certain I accessed from a computer I’ve never used to access HA before and got the same results. Everything is working with my automations, even using appdaemon and that is functioning as expected also. But became suspicious when I started noticing that some things work in the UI as described in the forums and others do not. Now that I see the version mismatch, I’m wondering if they’re related.

There are lots of threads on this, you have not upgraded your running version in ages by the looks. Basically you’ve missed a step in the upgrade process (switching to the venv, most likely) which means you’ve downloaded the latest version to a different location, which you’ve never used. You’ve then been upgrading the unused version whilst you’re actually running the old version.