UK - Looking for a dimmer that can be controlled in HA and locally

I live in an old house that has very old wiring, and as such can’t fit a typical switch or Wifi module at the switch or ceiling rose. The electrics for each switch circuit go from Live -> Switch -> Bulb -> Neutral, with no available live in the ceiling rose.

I’m looking for a dimable bulb or light switch, that is controllable both via Home Assistant, and locally - either via a physically wired switch or via RF (433mhz or similar). I would much prefer it doesn’t “look” smart - a single rocker or momentary switch on the wall would be preferred.

I’m open to Z-Wave, Zigbee etc, but I’d like to try and keep each light under £30 if possible, and ancient thick walls tend to not play nicely with those anyway.

In essence, something like the Sonoff Slampher, but dimmable, would be perfect.

TLDR: Looking for a sub £30 dimmer module for a no neutral switch, with local & Home Assistant control.

I think the Ikea Tradfri bulbs & remotes would be well worth the look, they’re Zigbee.ådfri

You would need to get a hub too, or even better go the deConz route. That way you could add Zigbee devices from other companies (e.g. Philips, Xiaomi) without having to get any hubs. I use the Conbee 2 with the Hassio deConz add-on.

I swapped everything over from my Ikea & Xiaomi hub to just the Conbee2, and you can configure the Conbee to talk to the remotes independently of anything you’ve configured in HA. Plays very well either way simultaneously, so great for pleasing people who like apps / HA web-pages - and those that don’t.

For example, I use the Philips remote to control an Ikea bulb on / off and its brightness:

It’s sleek, easily wall mounted - and not overly smart looking.

Though I’d stick with Ikea for the bulbs, Philips bulbs are silly money for some reason.

Finally, each Zigbee bulb also acts as a signal repeater - making them a good choice where signal loss might be an issue.