UK Multi Way switches - No neutral (switched live)

hi folks,

after some information here as I am a bit puzzled. Moved into a new home unfortunately no neutral wiring at the light switches (bummer: had it in my old house).

most lights are operated via 2 switches:
downstairs dual switch (outside/hallway lights) / single switch (hallway light)
stairs - single switch (landing light) / landing - dual switch (landing/top floor)
top floor single switch (top floor light)

if possible I wouldnt like to pull any new wires through - has anyone any recommendation what I could put in here to make it smart? Zigbee preferable.

other secondary suggestions also welcome.

I also puzzled over this for a while and in the end dealt with the two-switch lighting by using Philips Hue bulbs and RWL002 remote switches. In the UK you can get mountings for the switches that fit over existing wall switches - they look neat and no danger of visitors turning off the power.®-Standard-Switch-Philips-Dimmer/dp/B09B8PQLRN.

They work very well - the remotes bind easily with the lights so they continue working when HA is down.

Edit: And when you sell the house you can take them with you! What’s not to like? :grin:

well that doesnt really work or is not feasible I got 36 G9 bulbs across those areas, the outside light would need replacing with hue not offering the form factor - not really a solution, additionally the hue switches are awful from a design perspective. my idea was keeping things close to original and making the switches smart

thanks for the note though

Sonoff zbmini L2, and you’d need to replace existing switches with momentary type to avoid adding new cable

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hm that is interesting, that could indeed work just requires 5 new momentary switches (2 single / 3 double) and then 3 zbmini’s for the 3 circuits - definitely worth considering - thanks

Just 1 more thing, you’ll need to change the switch mode (rocker by default) by pressing the button 3 times,

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