Ultra Low Power switch / relay for pressing buttons

Hey friends,

I have a Samsung Ezon SHS-3321, and I want to be able to control it with Home Assistant.

I have been searching for some kind of ultra low power device that can run off battery, that is able to close a contact which can fire the lock.

I can already detect if the lock is locked or unlocked via a sensor, and I have wires hooked up to inside the lock, to a home automation header on the PCB. shorting the wires will cycle the lock, I don’t know how to go from here though as I can’t run power to the door…

A similar thing to what I am talking about was done over here:

but the BLE product they used is discontinued… :frowning:

Essentially the exact same thing is my goal but with some kind of zigbee or something easy to implement to HA !

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you !

It is still available. They just changed the name:

There’s also this that uses mqtt so easier to interface to HA (not sure how you would connect the blooswitch):

oh thanks!

I think they would both be integrated much the same, as they’re both BLE…

Using an esp32 or something to make a gateway, ill look into the other one but it seems to be only sensors rather than an output device which I need, idk how i would change it up…