Unable to activate the ble monitor sensor in the companion app

Hi, when I try to activate the ble monitor sensor of my companion app, the function does not enable and a message appears indicating “require location permission” but obviously the permissions in the android configurations are granted.

I have installed other beacon monitor apps and they work fine

Do you have any ideas?

I have exactly the same problem with my companion app on Galaxy Note 8. Beacon Monitor sensor cannot be activated because it needs location information, but the permission for that is granted in the companion app settings. Who can help?

You need to grant the Home Assistant App permission to use GPS location always in the android settings.

I have no idea why the Bluetooth access require GPS location permission, but this is what Google have set as the requirements.

I dont find “use location all the time” option on my phone (Note 8). Goggle help pages say that some of the information provided is only valid for android 12. Does anyone know on which android version “location permission all the time option” was invented? I would like to know if it’s because of my android version (9) that I dont have the option.

I am pretty sure Android 9 had it, but if that is not the case, then you can be pretty sure that the two settings you do have is always off and always on. The other combination would not make sense.

Enable/disable bluetooh is not possible anymore on Android 13 with the companion app.