Unable to add Z-Wave JS integration

I’ve been running my now 3rd iteration of Home Assistant in VirtualBox for a number of months now without issue. But, suddenly, it took a dump the other day, and would no longer load the web interface. I had to spin up another VDI and reconfigure and start adding automations back in one by one. Now I’m at the point where I want to add my Z-Wave devices back in.

Fortunately, I was able to retrieve all the s0 and s2 keys from the old core.config_entries file. I added the Z-Wave JS integration, entered the keys, then waited. After about 5 minutes, it failed. I restarted the core, but encountered the same issue.

I tried to add the integration again and it immediately came back with “Failed to connect”. I went to Settings → Add-ons, and saw that Z-Wave JS was already installed and running (but it still didn’t show in Devices & Services).

Below are the logs. I see “Controller identification returned invalid node ID 0”. Not sure what that means or where to go from here. Any ideas?

                                    · GetControllerCapabilities (0x05)
                                    · SetSerialApiTimeouts (0x06)
                                    · GetSerialApiCapabilities (0x07)
                                    · SoftReset (0x08)
                                    · GetProtocolVersion (0x09)
                                    · SerialAPIStarted (0x0a)
                                    · SerialAPISetup (0x0b)
                                    · SetRFReceiveMode (0x10)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SEND_NODE_INFORMATION (0x12)
                                    · SendData (0x13)
                                    · SendDataMulticast (0x14)
                                    · GetControllerVersion (0x15)
                                    · SendDataAbort (0x16)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_GET_RANDOM (0x1c)
                                    · GetControllerId (0x20)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_GET_BYTE (0x21)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_PUT_BYTE (0x22)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_GET_BUFFER (0x23)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_PUT_BUFFER (0x24)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_FlashAutoProgSet (0x27)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0x28 (0x28)
                                    · GetNVMId (0x29)
                                    · ExtNVMReadLongBuffer (0x2a)
                                    · ExtNVMReadLongByte (0x2c)
                                    · NVMOperations (0x2e)
                                    · undefined (0x37)
                                    · undefined (0x38)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_ClearNetworkStats (0x39)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_GetNetworkStats (0x3a)
                                    · GetBackgroundRSSI (0x3b)
                                    · undefined (0x3c)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_RemoveNodeIdFromNetwork (0x3f)
                                    · GetNodeProtocolInfo (0x41)
                                    · HardReset (0x42)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_REPLICATION_COMMAND_COMPLETE (0x44)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_REPLICATION_SEND_DATA (0x45)
                                    · AssignReturnRoute (0x46)
                                    · DeleteReturnRoute (0x47)
                                    · RequestNodeNeighborUpdate (0x48)
                                    · ApplicationUpdateRequest (0x49)
                                    · AddNodeToNetwork (0x4a)
                                    · RemoveNodeFromNetwork (0x4b)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_CONTROLLER_CHANGE (0x4d)
                                    · undefined (0x4f)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SET_LEARN_MODE (0x50)
                                    · AssignSUCReturnRoute (0x51)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_REQUEST_NETWORK_UPDATE (0x53)
                                    · SetSUCNodeId (0x54)
                                    · DeleteSUCReturnRoute (0x55)
                                    · GetSUCNodeId (0x56)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_SEND_SUC_ID (0x57)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_AssignPrioritySUCReturnRoute (0x58)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_EXPLORE_REQUEST_INCLUSION (0x5e)
                                    · undefined (0x5f)
                                    · RequestNodeInfo (0x60)
                                    · RemoveFailedNode (0x61)
                                    · IsFailedNode (0x62)
                                    · ReplaceFailedNode (0x63)
                                    · GetRoutingInfo (0x80)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_LOCK_ROUTE_RESPONSE (0x90)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_GET_PRIORITY_ROUTE (0x92)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_SET_PRIORITY_ROUTE (0x93)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0x98 (0x98)
                                    · FUNC_ID_SERIAL_API_SLAVE_NODE_INFO (0xa0)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SEND_SLAVE_NODE_INFO (0xa2)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SET_SLAVE_LEARN_MODE (0xa4)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_GET_VIRTUAL_NODES (0xa5)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_IS_VIRTUAL_NODE (0xa6)
                                    · BridgeApplicationCommand (0xa8)
                                    · SendDataBridge (0xa9)
                                    · SendDataMulticastBridge (0xab)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_GET_LIBRARY_TYPE (0xbd)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_SEND_TEST_FRAME (0xbe)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_GET_PROTOCOL_STATUS (0xbf)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xD2 (0xd2)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xD3 (0xd3)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xD4 (0xd4)
                                    · undefined (0xd6)
                                    · undefined (0xd9)
                                    · undefined (0xda)
                                    · undefined (0xdb)
                                    · undefined (0xdc)
                                    · undefined (0xdd)
                                    · undefined (0xde)
                                    · undefined (0xdf)
                                    · undefined (0xe7)
                                    · undefined (0xe8)
2022-12-22T06:36:14.333Z DRIVER   Controller identification returned invalid node ID 0
[06:36:14] INFO: Service restart after closing
[00:36:18] INFO: Successfully send discovery information to Home Assistant.

How’d you get this figured out? I’m in the same boat right now.

Ultimately, I moved away from VirtualBox in favor of VMware Player. I have much more experience with VMware (professionally anyways) and it turned out to be much less prone to issues. It even supports the Bluetooth 5.1 adapter I bought for HA a year ago.

But, I waited until my previous configuration was restored into the new instance before starting with the Z-Wave stuff. After following the same procedure of adding the keys back in, the devices were immediately discovered and integrated.

There was also a prior issue with my front door sensor not being able to re-register with the network in VirtualBox. I tried at least a dozen times to exclude, reset, then include it. After exclude, reset, include from VMware, it came back right away.

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