Unable to cast (TTS) to Google Cast groups, while individual speakers work

When I add the Google Cast integration, it finds all of the Chromecasts and Google Home/Nest speakers. It also automatically adds all the speaker groups I have defined in Google Home.

If I try a tts.google_translate_say form developer toolsservices, and choose an individual speaker from the drop-down menu as entity_id, it “speaks”. So far so good.

However, if I choose an entity_id that is a speaker group from the same drop-down menu (that Home Assistant automatically found and added when I set up the integration), nothing happens…

Is this expected? Is there a way to get around this?

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I have exactly the same issue lately. Did you ever find a solution?

No “solution”, I honestly just haven’t used this since.

I just tested, though, and it does speak on all speakers in a group, so not sure if something has changed. But they “speak” sequentially and overlapping, making it more difficult to hear than if only using a speaker that’s father away.

So short answer: no. And it’s not working in a way that’s useful.