Unable to connect (mostly)

Hi there,

I wonder if someone can help with a very strange error please…?

I have a new install of Hass IO running on a RasPi 3+. I have some devices configured, and no errors being reported in my configuration.

However, I’m unable to connect to the web interface from most, but not all of my PCs (all on the same subnet). In almost all cases, the browser connection times out. Occasionally, the top blue bar loads before the timeout happens, but not always. This happens from all clients (Win10, Server 2016, Ubuntu, Mint) and all browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox). Except for one install of Mint that correctly opens HA in Firefox, with no errors whatsoever.

Interestingly, the clients that can’t connect also can’t ping the HA IP address either, regardless of firewall settings - all the Win clients have the local firewall turned off.

Its almost as if the Hass.IO is rejecting connections from certain clients. Is there are feature in Hass.IO that can do this?

I’m a HA newbie, so I’m at a loss as how to troubleshoot this any further. Are there any logs I can access that will show me whats happening from the HA side?



Update: I just found out about the ip_bans.yaml file. I don’t have one, so its not that causing the issue.

Might same issue on my PC…
Any error in the log file?