Unable to connect to glances server

I have an instance of glances monitoring my HA server, so I wanted to also monitor another server. Both running proxmox. The server with a problem is running Debian 12 fully updated and proxmox 8.2.2.

I can ping the server from my pc and access the web version of glances from a web browser.

I can also ping the server from the command line in HA server. This suggests that there are no network issues as both servers can see each other.

I saw a similar issue in the forum which was fixed by installing ujson. Checking in debian it says this is already installed.

I cannot see anything obvious in the logs and stuck on how to proceed. Anyone have suggestions?

Running debug while trying to install new server device resulted in the following errors

2024-05-23 10:03:11.620 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.glances] Failed to connect to Glances API v3: endpoint: 'all' is not valid
2024-05-23 10:03:11.620 WARNING (MainThread) [glances_api] Glances api older than v3 will not be supported in the next release.
2024-05-23 10:03:11.630 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.glances] Failed to connect to Glances API v2: endpoint: 'all' is not valid

A search of HA issues identified that the current integration cannot handle v4.x glances API. A fix is in progress and I assume will be included in 2024.6.x.

I am experiencing the same problem.
I can reach the Glances webUI but the Glances HA integration fails.
Glances version: 4.0.5
Glances API version: 4
PsUtil version: 5.9.8
I guess I’ll wait for a fix, assume it’s on the HA side

The solution has been merged into the dev branch so maybe included in 2024.6 otherwise you can always install glances 3.x. As suggested in the issue I included in my update.

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I can’t connect also my glances. I’m using unraid and docker for glances. I can view glances in the browser but I can’t connect it to home assistant.

Hi, if your glances is version 4.x then u need HA 2024.6 which has the integration to 4.x built in.