Unable to connect to HA after changing configuration.yaml

Recently installed HA on to my rpi3 so quite new to it.

Set up DuckDNS so I can remotely access it and use my iOS as a location tracker. All working fine. Using https://myduckdomain.blahblah to access it and as suggested I set up a password. Both password and https:// have been used to access HA from my phone and my windows PC.

Just played around with the customisation settings to give my devices specific icons and restarted HASS to see what they look like…

Now I’m stuck on the “connecting” screen with the HASS logo.

After a time it prompts me for the password. I’m 100% sure I’m putting the right password in but it’s just connecting then coming back to that screen again. “Unable to connect”.

I can’t see any logs or anything to see what’s wrong because I can’t log in?

Check to see if there was an error in the log file. Otherwise you might just need to restart home assistant again either by resetting the rpi or via SSH.

Thanks! I managed to access the log file by accessing through putty. I’ve since gone in via ftp and removed the problematic lines of text that were causing issues with it loading at all.


how did you do it ? i cant enter, and i dont understand putty.

One of the best tips is to keep whatever file(s) you’re editing open whilst restarting HA, that way it’s easy to instantly correct/comment out whatever you’ve messed up and restart again, back in business straight away.

Thanks for this tip- I added my first switch and it brought down everything but the editor addon. I was about to format and start over till I saw your tip. Removed switch and now back working again!

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