Unable to connect to HA OS through local network


I’m just starting out and couldn’t find any way to do this.
I’ve installed HAOS in a windows machine through hyper v.
It boot up apparently ok and I can access it through that windows pc but I can’t access the HA server from any other device despite being connected to the same network.
How can I tell if it’s an installation problem or a router ISP problem? Is there anything I can try?

8123 port is open in windows ?

The port should indeed be open. I did set it up in the inbound and outbound ports in windows firewall. It’s not in the excluded. I can’t find it with netstat command but if I understand correctly that’s because nothing is listening on that port which is correct since I can’t start the connection at all. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, I found out that the 8123 port was accessible through an io instead of the usual homeassistant.local. I finally have homeassistant as well thanks for giving me the input of looking more in depth into the ports. I found out through netstat -aon command looking for 8123 string