Unable to extract data from HTML

I setup a scrape several months back but it’s been on hold because of an OS issue. The issue was resolved in the most recent release so i finally got a chance to test. I keep getting an error "Unable to extract data from HTMl for Hive 8 Weight. Not sure If I’ve got something configured wrong?

Web page inspector-


# Hive 8 weight
  - platform: scrape
    name: Hive 8 Weight
    resource: http://www.wifihivescale.com/index.php/login
    select: "#t01 > tbody > tr:nth-child(4) > td:nth-child(6)"
    unit_of_measurement: lbs
    authentication: digest
    username: <redacted>
    password: <redacted>

I’m sure I’ve made some noob mistake here. Could really use some help.

Edit: I used CSS Selector for select. Should it be CSS Path?