Unable to find component api_password

Hi There,

I have only recent come home assistant and I am loving it so far. I have installed it on my raspberry pi 3 using the installer script.
I want to have the ability to access it away from home but when I edited the api_password in the configuration.yaml file I was not prompted for a password.

Looking in the error log under info in the dev tools I see the following error:

http: # Uncomment this to add a password (recommended!) api_password: redacted

I have looked on the forums but am unable to find anything to point me in the right direction. Please help.



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Put two spaces before api_password

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That was too easy.
I feel like a fool.

It was one of the first things i did when I edited the configuration file. This was before I realised that spacing was very important for yaml format.

Thanks for the help

Now to slowly add a few more components to the mix.

Spacing is everything in yaml. And it took me a day to figure it doesn’t like tabs either.