Unable to find service notify/notify.ios_iphone

This is driving me crazy. I had a stable 0.57.1 install working that would send an alert to my iPad and iPhone when my garage opened or closed. Something went haywire with the install and I lost access to the supervisor panel, even though everything else was still working. I decided to update to 0.72.1 on a RPi 3 B+ using dale3h’s system, and now I am no longer getting alerts on the iPhone. I get the message in the subject line in the log. The iPad gets the alerts fine. I can call the notify service from the services panel and send to either the iPhone alone or both iPhone and iPad and it works, but when the garage door changes state, I only get an alert on the iPad. This is not satisfactory because I carry the iPhone, not the iPad.

These are the current lines in config.yaml (I’ve tried lots of variations):

# identifier: APPLEDEV
 platform: group
   - service: ios_iphone
   - service: ios_anns_ipad
    name: Garage is open
    done_message: Garage is closed
    entity_id: cover.garage_door
    state: 'open'
    repeat: 30
    can_acknowledge: True
    skip_first: False
      - APPLEDEV
#      - notify.ios_iphone
#      - notify.ios_anns_ipad

I haven’t found anything in the docs or forums that address this problem.

you sure that the app is properly installed on your phone? You also sure that those services are correct? I had issues with my wifes phone and I had to basically rename things to get them working again.