Unable to load Hue custom component since 0.89.0

As of the latest HA 0.89.0 the Hue custom component (from @robmarkcole) doesn’t seem to work anymore.

In the log file I can see the line:

ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.loader] Unable to find platform hue. Search path was limited to path of component

My configuration.yaml file hasn’t changed:

  - platform: hue

The file structure is:

    -> custom_components
           -> hue
                 -> binary_sensor.py

The component is not complete.

Instead, if you want to override a built-in platform, you will need to override the whole component .
I have no idea if you can fix this yourselfe by just copying the components/hue folder from home assistant and then “reinstalling” the custom component or if robmarkcole has to fix his custom component.

Never mind. I just saw this

I think the first answer is what you are looking for how to fix this