Unable to login with HA mobile app and certificates

Hello all,

I have setup SSL certificates with Let’sEncrypt and they are working fine from local PC as from mobile, local or remote url.
But I have a problem when you enable a feature bellow

ssl_peer_certificate string (Optional)
Path to the client/peer TLS/SSL certificate to accept secure connections from.

This acts like lets say two factor authentication. U need to have your personal certificate and account to access your HomeAssistant.

When this option is set in configuration

server_port: 443
ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem
ssl_peer_certificate: /ssl/Personal.cer
ip_ban_enabled: true
login_attempts_threshold: 3

It is working fine from PC and mobile if you are accessing HomeAssistant through a web browser. It gives you an option to select certificate and if certificate is correct you are presented with login page.
But if you try to connect from a HomeAssistant mobile ap it is not working.
In logs it just says that connection was reset which is OK since no certificate was presented.

Has anyone tried this and made it work with mobile app?