Unable to play Spotify Playlist or Sonos Favorite from Mini Media Player

I have a Sonos speaker that I can control via the Mini Media Player card but I’m trying to add some buttons to play a couple of different Playlists and a Sonos favorite which is a Radio Station. But I can’t seem to get it to play anything from my buttons. When I tap the button nothing happens. I’m pretty new to HA and have no idea if there is anywhere I can see an error message for this? My card details are below. I’ve only included the first button as if I can get that to work then I should be able to sort the others.

type: 'custom:mini-media-player'
entity: media_player.bedroom
artwork: cover
  columns: 3
    - icon: 'mdi:music'
      type: playlist
      id: 'spotify:user:myuseridnumber:playlist:6YPAvpsfwSkzoZCfGyPdzP'
      name: 6 Beers In