Unable to reach bridge - hue connection failing at start up

I saw 3 similar threads but the issue wasn’t exactly the same, so I’d like to raise it here again.

About 1 every 3-4 times on start-up of Home Assistant, the hue bridge isn’t found. Usually another restart will fix it.

Error connecting to the Hue bridge at 192.168.xxx.xx. Retrying in 2 seconds
1:42 PM components/hue/bridge.py (ERROR)

No bluetooth is installed (That seemed to be an issue in the other threads).

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I have them same issue on Hass.io 0.83.3


Could you fix it somehow?

It seems to work now but there was nothing I changed. Except regular updates.

What I’ve noticed so far: When I turn off community mqtt service, hue is recognized on restart. With mqtt being turned on, its a matter of chance.

Yeah, I found the Hassio MQTT broker zu cumbersome and switched to cloudmqtt.