Unable to restart from UI


Since I upgraded to the latest version (0.63.2) I am unable to restart HA from the UI and when I try I get a card that says:

Config error - see dev panel for details, this is what i see there:

starting version 3.2.4 Testing configuration at /config 2018-02-16 20:18:52 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.bootstrap] Unable to setup error log /config/home-assistant.log (access denied) 2018-02-16

Theres more but I think this is the issue.

If I unplug my Pi and replug it, HA all loads up just fine.

Anyone got any ideas?

Anyone got any ideas?

I dont have any ideas , but Since upgrading to 0.63.3 this morning HASS.IO starts fine but after running for 10 minutes or so, it is unaccessible , it then restarts after a few minutes and restarts again.
its unsealable in its current state .

Not sure if anyone is experiencing the same thing, If they are I would like to know, and if there is a fix for it of course.
Looking through the log the only common things mentioned is,
(Forgive me I am unable to open the homeassistant.log due to the damn thing rebooting all of the time).

the heartbeat is missing (chromecast related)

and unable to load image from ffmpeg.

These are log entries that have popped up since way before the updates, so I dont think they are related to the current problem.


I was just about to update my post - the upgrade to 0.63.3 (also this morning) seems to have fixed my issues.