Unable to restore snapshot using Raspberry PI 4

I wanted to migrate to a new machine and installed the latest Hass OS 5.12 (hassos_rpi4-64-5.12.img.xz):

Booting looks fine and I got to the onboarding.html page. I selected “restore from previous snapshot” that I exported from my old system an hour ago. The upload works like it should and I’m able to select which parts i want restored. I click on the confirm button. Then I got transferred back to the onboarding page again. I took a look in Chrome debugger console and it seems like the request to 8123/api/hassio/snapshots/4963ca71/restore/partial were cancelled.

The request itself seems legit.


This is followed by a request to 8123/api/hassio/supervisor/info that show HTTP 401 Unauthorized.

After that a refresh of the whole UI is made and I’m back to the onboarding page again.

Everything is seemingly dead after this. The web server on the PI is dead, but it still allows ping to the PI. I waited a lot for everything to complete, but as far as I know I should get some kind of progress bar while restoring a snapshot? And I did not expect a cancelled request to the partial endpoint.

Is this something that is specific to me? My experience is that the most common reason for getting a cancelled HTTP request is that the frontend (JavaScript) has abandoned the result, like its trying to navigate away from the page or just discarding the result for some other reason. I’m not sure this i related to the PI or anything server side?

This is repeatable at least 5 times since I was trying to figure out what was going on…

Sorry about this. This seems like kind of expected. I logged in a couple of hours later and it seems to work like expected.

I did however miss a progress bar or whatever to show any indication about the restore.

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