Unable to select or provide a plugin in the Grafana Addon configuration menu

So I’ve successfully installed the Grafana Addon and it’s running and accessible, but I seem to be unable to add plugins in the configuration menu. Providing them as plain text in the field doesn’t work (the text is not accepted) and it seems to be a drop-down list selector. But itdoes not provide a list. How do I specify plugins in this menu? It looks broken to me…

You should be able to type in the list box, otherwise you can edit in yaml mode (three dots icon top right).

Note: you can only use plug-ins listed here: Grafana Plugins - extend and customize your Grafana | Grafana Labs

Looks like a frontend bug. Frontend seems to think this is a dropdown but its actually just a list of strings. It works fine in YAML like tom said but the UI shouldn’t be presenting it like that (and for reference @tom_l you can’t type in it, I just tried, it just clears out what you type).

You’ll have to do it in YAML for now but please submit an issue at the link above.

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As my plugins were installed when only yaml config was available I just tried focussing the cursor in the list box and typing, which it accepted. I did not try to hit enter. Just did then. Nothing happens. So yeah, bug.

Thanks, I’ll file a bug report