Unable to stop global debug logging


Home Assistant 2023.5.4

Enabled global debugging from configuration.yaml
Then disabled it returning to warning and to info

Debug is still on, and filling the log like crazy.

Current logger entry in config yaml is:

  default: info
    custom_components.maxsmart: debug

this still says debug:

Did you restart Home Assistant after making the changes or just reload the yaml config?

Restarting is required.

Fixed ! Had to reboot the docker host … weird.

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For instance, maxsmart debug was indeed still on but the debug was global. Even removing everything. Clearly still taking in account “default: debug” like if I changed it back to info.

I then realized for whatever reason, the changes on files in the persistent volume were not taken in account because I moved away a custom component, restarted HA and the component was still loaded :sweat_smile: So for whatever reason, it was like the persistent volume was in memory and not sync with disk anymore. And rebooting the docker host fixed it. Perhaps restarting docker service would have sufficed, but well…