Unable to understand MQTT bridge

I had MQTT setup with an external site to pull down topics. I want to be able to publish local MQTT messages for consumptions. Since I am limited to one, I dropped my external connection and setup again for internal. That now works. My struggle is doing the “bridge” to now bring that external “in” and “out” to work again.

Here’s what I have and it’s not working:

  1. Created “/config/usr/share/hassio/share/mosquitto/” directory
  2. Created “mosquitto.conf” in above directory
  3. Used the following code in mosquitto.conf:
#connection Reef Angel
connection bridge-01
address cloud.reefangel.com
topic # out 0
topic # in 0
clientid mqtt-user
remote_username username
remote_password password

Obviously I used the actual username and password instead and it worked when setup before, but I get no topic feeds.