Unable To Update Supervisor - Please Help

Hi All… I’m brand new to HA, as in only set it up for the first time yesterday. I’m still VERY new to things. I’m running hass.io on an Odroid N2+. It came pre-installed from AmeriDroid. I’m unable to update the supervisor, which in turn is preventing me from updating the core, host, or installing any add-ons. Below is the error message in the log. I’d appreciate any help, I have no idea what’s wrong or how to fix it.

Most likely reason is the disk is full. It tries to download the new image and then can’t because insufficient space and then it can’t create the container because the image didn’t download (doesn’t exist) It can potentially also be a DNS issue but usually it’s diskspace.

You can follow this guide to re-flash the eMMC storage onboard the N2+.

The disk is not full. It’s a brand new device/install. I’ve only used 2.3GB of the total 113.9 total space.

Disk Total 113.9 GB
Disk Used 2.3 GB