Unable to view stream cameras on Lenovo Smart Clock in 0.115.6

The Lenovo Smart Clock is a cast device which supports streaming video cameras by saying “Hey Google, show me the front door.” However, because of the changes in 0.115.6 to use a cast app to stream cameras, the Smart Clock can no longer stream cameras.

I feel this is an unfortunate side-effect of the move from MPEG-TS segments to fragmented MP4 segments for streaming video because I really was looking forward to viewing my Home Assistant cameras on my Smart Clock.

It would be nice to have the old style back. I might try reverting my stream component to 0.114 to see if it helps, but I wanted to perhaps start here on the forums to see if others are facing this issue before raising it on GitHub or proposing a solution for this device.

Note: I can view cameras just fine from other cast devices like my Google hubs — these devices support streaming video and cast apps, so this isn’t a problem. The Smart Clock class of cast devices would permit streaming cameras in the previous implementation, but they do not permit general cast apps which prevents the fix in 0.115.6 from working for these kinds of devices.

I found the exact same problem, my smart clock do not display the camera (i got a connection notification from my camera xiaomi) but no image in the clock…
Hope an update for this …

Would love for this feature to work! Viewing through Google Home isn’t working properly most of the time.